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Hot Water Plant

100% Safe Heater :

  »  Its pollution free.
  »  A totally new concept.
  »  This plant works on gas.
  »  Cheapest in running cost.
  »  No need of kerosene, diesel or electricity.
  »  80% saving of fuel cost.
  »  This plant is totally safe with no pressure inside the plant.
  »  You get bacteria free 100% pure drinking water better then the bottles available in the Market.
  »  As this water 100% safe pure & very cheep, it can be used for all your domestic use.
  »  The Plant is Completely Safe and Under No Circumstances such Pressure is created inside which can be lead to Blast.

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Application :
  »  Hotels
  »  Hospital
  »  Chemical Plant
  »  Pharmaceutical Plant
  »  Ayurvedic Company
  »  Dairy & Food Processing
  »  Rubber Molding Units
  »  Dry Cleaning
  »  Washing Plants
  »  Dying & Bleaching
  »  Textile Industries
  »  Home Use
  »  Swimming Pool