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Gravy Machine

A simple machine that grinds without stones and any abrasive material, that wears off and makes corriosion, it grinds anything and everything, wet matirial to the fineness required. It occupies very little space, easy to operate, wash and clean. Grinding is done under cool atmospheric air, thus retaining the original color, taste and fragrance of the material ground, which no other machine can guarantee. The gravy obtained is as good as hand ground paste, and all contacting parts are stainless steel 304 food grade steel thus no corrosions hazards.

Body S. S.
Blade S. S.
Rotor S. S.
Jali S. S. 4 Nos.
Cutter S. S. 4 Nos.
Motor Company Nirali(Own Brand)
Model L x B x H Weight Motor RPM
2 HP 20 x 17 x 25 35 Kg. 2 HP 2880
3 HP 23 x 17 x 28 42 Kg. 3 HP 2880
5 HP 24 x 17 x 30 72 Kg. 5 HP 2880

Application : Wet rice, green chillies, coconut, ice cubes, sugar, pot herb, sweet potatoes, banana, peach, papaya, custard apple, urad dal, tomatoes, grapes, lime, ground nut, onion, gourd, bulbous root, dates, pomegranate, pistachio nuts, mulberries, mung dal, boiled potatoes, carrot, all types of pest, ginger, garlic, mint, mango, dry dates, orange, almond, apple,dry fruits like almond, cashew nuts, and other item which can be grind with water.