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Pulses (Dal) Machine

Body S. S.
Hopper S. S.
L x B x H 13 x 16 x 32 Inch
Weight 65 Kg.
Motor 1.5 HP
Capacity 5 Ltr.
Motor Company Nirali (Own Brand)
Chamber Size 6" Plat and 8" Plat

Application : Grains, pulses Processing Machines are used for De husking, splitting, polishing, different types of pulses, lentils, seeds and other food products.

Oil Maker Machine

Body S. S. 304
Rotor S. S. 304
L x B x H Standard
Weight 13 Kg.
Electric Motor 0.25 HP
Motor RPM 1440
RPM Speed 25
Motor Company Nirali (Own Brand)
Capacity 2 - 5 Kg./Hrs.

Application : Peanut and Almond. This machine can also use for various seeds like Sesame, Mustard, Flaxseed, Mustard, Sunflower