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Fully Automatic Boiler

Fully Automatic Four Pass Non-IBR Industrial Boiler In Oil and Gas Fired Design.

Operating Principle & Special Construction Features :
Vijay Engineering® is the latest design in coil type Non-IBR boilers, incorporating unique revolutionary principle of combustion known as "REVERSE FLOW", Which increases combustion efficiency and allows a high rate of Heat flux.

Industrial Boilers - Fully Automatic Boiler

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The main boiler comprises of a double-jacketed M.S. Shell housing a helical coil placed within it. The combustion air is forced through the jacketed shell by means of a centrifugal blower thereby getting preheated and keeping the outer shell cool. The pressure jet burner atomizes the fuel and combustion is established. The flue gas flows axially downwards and on reaching the bottom, it reverses the upwards thereby completing two passes in the Radiant zone. These two passes in Radiant zone ensure complete combustion and high rate of heat flux.

Flue gases then flow downwards between the coil and inner shell. This is a third pass, which is a convective pass. In the fourth pass, this is through an efficiency Module comprising of an Atmospheric Economizer the flue gases further transfer heat, to preheat incoming feed water. The heat Optimizer ensures correct feed water temperature to the pump.

Features :
  »  Reverse Flow Design.
  »  Non - IBR.
  »  Packaged Models on Unitized Designs.
  »  Fully Automatic, Instant Steaming.
  »  Easy Operation and Failsafe System.
  »  Record Efficiency.