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Automatic / Electronic Doser


In Water Treatment Plants, dosing systems play an important role for dosing different types of chemicals for various purposes such as Disinfection, Coagulation, pH correction, Iron removal, De-scaling etc.

A wide range of capacities ensure better control on output of finished products. Dosers find wide applications in Water Treatment for Domestic and various Industries such as Food, Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Beverages, Aquamarine and a variety of other industries.

Unicare Automatic Chemical Dosers are based on the principle of differential pressure while the UltraSafe Electronic Dosers are automatic & digitally controlled systems. Unicare Dosers are the most reliable as all the components are manufactured and tested in the best of facilities.

The main features that make Unicare Dosers the most popular are as follows :

Automatic Doser

  »  Compact and portable.
  »  Easy to install.
  »  Operated by line pressure.
  »  Dosing rate can be adjusted externally to the desired ppm level.
  »  Low pressure drop.
  »  Independent of inlet pressure.

Automatic Doser

  »  Modular Design for easy maintenance
  »  Electronic metering pumps with stroke adjustment for required dosing.
  »  Electro-Magnetic pumps for higher dosing.
  »  Different systems are available for different injection pressures and Flow rates.
  »  All liquid ends are non-corrosive, PP, FRP, PVC, SS and Teflon.
  »  Dosing at required levels as per the required quantum of water.