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Water Treatments

We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Waste water Treatment Plants. Our product range is Clarifier System, Tube Settler System and Ultra Filtration Plant. Manufactured from optimum quality stainless steel, these efficient and ruggedly constructed plants are extensively popular among our prestigious customers.

Sand / Carbon / Iron Removal Filters

Universal System & Sales introduces Unicare Filtration Plants to meet the stringent demands of pure water for domestic & industrial users. EPIPL filters ensure maximum performance while requiring minimum floor space...
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Softeners / DM / DI Plants

Unicare Water Softening, De - Mineralization plant is designed for counter current regeneration efficiency. The unique design prevents resin loss while backwashing...
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Automatic / Electronic Doser

In Water Treatment Plants, dosing systems play an important role for dosing different types of chemicals for various purposes such as Disinfection, Coagulation, pH correction, Iron removal, De-scaling etc...
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Micron Fiters / Water Polishers

One of the major problems in water treatment is removal of suspended particles that are found in water even after passing through filtration plants. If the same persists, the product water will not meet the required purity standards.
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Ozone Generator / Recirculation Systems

The use of Ozone is becoming more popular in both water and waste water treatment, since only environmental friendly by-products are currently known to be produced. The toxic byproduct of chemical treatments is eliminated...
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Ultra Violet Water Disinfection System

Universal System & Sales Mineral Water Plants are specially designed to suit any capacity as per the client's requirement. The plants are designed as per the raw water quality and we have...
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Sewage & Effluent Treatment / Recycling Plants

We undertake complete consultancy and supply of plant and machinery for Sewage and Effluent treatment, recycling plants for Chemical treatment and Biological process.
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Swimming Pool Filtration Plants and accessories

We are one of the leaders in supplying the Swimming Pool Filtration Plants and accessories. Swimming pools especially require microorganisms control and disinfection in order to prevent health hazards.
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