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Micron Fiters / Water Polishers


One of the major problems in water treatment is removal of suspended particles that are found in water even after passing through filtration plants. If the same persists, the product water will not meet the required purity standards.

EPIPL introduces UltraSafe Micron Filters to solve the problem of removal of suspended, minute particles.

The systems are available in a wide range of flow rates for filtering the suspended particles even upto 0.2 micron size (absolute).

The use of non-corrosive and Stainless Steel materials with state-of-the-art fabrication techniques ensure virtually maintenance-free UltraSafe Micron Filters that are able to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Unicare Micron Filters are available for de-chlorination, de-flavourisation, de-odourisation, eliminating of volatile organic compounds (VOC) & poisonous lead particulates, and cyst and turbidity reduction.

Unicare Micron Filters are made with technologically advanced compression process ensuring superior uniformity of filtration area which in turn ensures output of higher quality product at economical prices. Stringent quality control and product consistency ensure reliable tested field performance.

Unicare Micron Filters are available in an extensive range of filtration surfaces and sizes with outstanding capabilities and extremely competitive prices.

Globally famous and accepted cartridges are used to ensure guaranteed results and maximum life with minimum pressure drop.

Unicare Micron Filters are available, in a variety of materials such as MSRL, FRP, SS316, PP and PVC in the standard models as well as in customised systems.

Unicare Automatic Chemical Dosers are based on the principle of differential pressure while the UltraSafe Electronic Dosers are automatic & digitally controlled systems. Unicare Dosers are the most reliable as all the components are manufactured and tested in the best of facilities.

Advantages :

  »  The Micron Filters made out of Stainless Steel 316 material with Tri- clover fittings avoid any welding joints in the system. The system is compact having easy maintenance. All components are easily accessible for inspection.
  »  The Micron Filters are available in different rating.
  »  The use of excellent quality cartridge ensures high flow rate.
  »  The output water quality of the Micron Filters meets the International Standards for industrial and domestic use.