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Ozone Generator / Recirculation Systems

The use of Ozone is becoming more popular in both water and waste water treatment, since only environmental friendly by-products are currently known to be produced. The toxic byproduct of chemical treatments is eliminated.

Ozone has no by-products and biological hazards like the conventionally used chemical oxidants/disinfectants. Ozone is extremely efficient as a bactericide, fungicide and virucide, killing even chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium. Ozone will not lead to the formation of Trihalomethanes (THMs) which are formed when chlorine is added to raw water containing humic (pls. check usage) materials. Once a THM is formed, it is difficult to oxidise even with Ozone.

Being an extremely effective oxidant, Ozone has a short residual (converting quickly back to Oxygen) life, and the by-products of Ozone reactions are ecologically benign. It is both reactive and unstable.

Ozone rapidly decays back into molecular Oxygen, with half-life of 20 minutes in air, making it impractical to store Ozone in containers.

The UltraSafe Ozone Generator uses the Corona Discharge Ozone Technology. It produces Ozone by energetic excitation of molecular Oxygen causing some of it to disassociate into Oxygen atoms which then recombine with Oxygen. The discharge occurs when charged electrons flow through a stream of Oxygen gas.

Ozone is used in water treatment for its oxidative qualities and electronegative oxidation potential. Ozone will oxidise both organic and inorganic substances, remove unwanted taste, odour and color, and provide effective disinfection.

Advantages :

  »  Increases the shelf life of bottled water.
  »  Produces safe & bacteria-free drinking water.
  »  Removes heavy metals & cyanides from water.
  »  Reduces algae-formation in cooling towers.
  »  Increases pH and dissolved oxygen level for Aquaculture and Hatcheries.
  »  Disinfects without any side effects in swimming pools.