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Sand / Carbon / Iron Removal Filters

Unicare Sand & Activated Carbon Filters

Universal System & Sales introduces Unicare Filtration Plants to meet the stringent demands of pure water for domestic & industrial users. EPIPL filters ensure maximum performance while requiring minimum floor space. Every component is designed for optimum operational efficiency throughout its long and corrosion-free life. Non-corrosive material of construction allows filtration of wide range of feed water including sea water. The unique internal distribution system allows use of diverse types of filter media such as Sand, Granular Activated Carbon, Manganese, Green Sand etc.

Sand Filter

It is the oldest form of filtration and is still the most popular choice, worldwide, for domestic and industrial use. EPIPL has now added modern UltraSafe technology to it. The down flow system uses graded Quartz Sand so as to get maximum filtration. The innovative design of the system has made operations very simple. There is no need of skilled labour as UltraSafe Engineers would train even the unskilled operators. All system components have been carefully selected to meet UltraSafe standards which ensures durability, rigidness and continuous trouble-free services.

Activated Carbon Filter

Granular Activated Carbon is a well establishing & proven technology for the removal of taste, odours and gases from water. It is extremely effective in the removal of many Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and other Petroleum-based contaminants. The UltraSafe Filters use Granular Activated Carbon, manufactured from hard coconut shell having Iodine content of 900-1000 ppm, whose extraordinary molecular structure adsorbs much more molecules of contaminant molecules that adhere to its surface, through absorption and adsorption.

Special Features

Filtration Plants are available in different models, for different applications such as Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Sand cum Carbon Filter & Iron Removal Filter.
The material of construction are MS/SS304/SS316/MSRL/FRP.
Flow rate Capacity : 1,000 LPH to 1,00,000 LPH.
Unique pipeline design in SS filters involves no welded joints.
Backwashing facility for cleaning the system.
Low-maintenance and operating costs.